Make shipping a snap with FORT Ship

Keeping it simple

Powerful, intuitive features help set FORT Ship apart
Fulfillment Mgmt

Print labels for multiple carriers for single or batch shipments on laser or thermal printers.


Utilizes world class hosting facilities with state-of-the-art data encryption and security measures in place.


Running on powerful cloud servers ensuring accuracy, reliability, speed, and the best security available.


FORT Ship provides access to reports and business intelligence that help you keep your finger on the pulse of your business.

Ship Smart. ship fort.

FORT Ship runs on an engine built for large warehouse shippers
With FORT Ship, a light touch meets real power

FORT Ship is a streamlined version of a powerful warehouse management system. Many companies need automated carrier label generation--and the ability to ship many packages each day--but do not need a full warehouse management platform.

It is for these companies that we developed FORT Ship. FORT Ship allows you to print labels, get tracking numbers, print pick slips, etc., without having to worry about inventory locations, customer invoicing, and other considerations typical of warehouse operations.

  • Producers

    Roughly 80 percent of producers regularly ship products to customers

  • Online Sellers

    Over 90 percent of online businesses that sell products ship directly to customers

  • Shippers

    All shippers need an efficient way to generate labels and track orders


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